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What is the Miss America science experiment?

The Miss America science experiment

The Miss America science experiment

Basically, the Miss America science experiment is named after Camille Schrier from Virginia performed a science experiment as her talent at the Miss America 2020 pageant back on Thursday. And her skills did not only impress the judges but the rest of the world too.

Camilla Shrier defeated 50 women and took the crown in the final held in Connecticut.

The 24-year-old wore a lab coat and impressed the audience with a chemistry demonstration in the talent show. She went on to win a $50,000 scholarship and a one-year role as Miss America.

Her acceptance speech was not less impressive either. She said that she hopes to break stereotypes about what it means to truly be Miss American in 2020.

Currently, she has two undergraduate science degrees and pursuing a doctorate degree at Virginia Commonwealth University.

The Miss America science experiment

The Miss America science experiment

The Miss America science experiment

“Miss America should be someone who educates others”.

She claimed this to the celebrity panel comprised of Kelly Rowland, Queer Eye’s Karamo Bown, and Superstore actress Lauren Ash.

In her role as Miss America, she will spend a year advocating for the drug safety program “Mind your Meds”.  Camille’s victory will definitely be viewed as another progressive step towards Miss America’s traditional beauty contest format.

Since 2018, the competition has longed to re-brand its image. It tried to do so by scrapping its swimwear segment and appearance-oriented judging criteria.

Instead, the contestants showcase their talents and are rather interviewed about their passion, intelligence – the true Mis America role.

“We will no longer judge our candidates on their outwards, physical appearance. That’s huge,” said former Miss America winner Gretchen Carlson, who announced the reforms in 2018.

Organizers claim that the changes will definitely encourage more women to participate in the contest. They said her experiment was a big factor in her winning the price.

You can try the Miss America science experiment at home

Here’s what you need in order to do the Miss America science experiment:

  • Empty plastic bottle

  • 3 percent hydrogen peroxide solution, available at nearly any drug or grocery store

  • One packet of active yeast found in the baking section of the grocery store

  • Liquid dish soap

  • Warm water

  • Food coloring (to make the reaction look pretty)

  • Set up in a sink or go outdoors. You will want to do the experiment in a location where it will be easy to clean up all the foam afterward.

  • Stand away from the bottle once you add all the chemicals for the reaction. Hydrogen peroxide can irritate the skin and discolor clothing, even in low concentrations. (In chemical experiments using concentrated hydrogen peroxide like the one Ms. Schrier performed, scientists wear safety glasses and personal protective equipment.)

  • Carefully pour ½ cup hydrogen peroxide into the plastic bottle and add a big squirt of dish soap. Swirl gently to mix.

  • Add 2 to 3 drops of food coloring to the solution. (If you want to give your foam stripes, put the drops on the edge of the bottle’s mouth, but do not mix them in.)

  • In a separate container, mix 1 tablespoon of yeast and 3 tablespoons of warm water. Wait about 5 minutes for the yeast to activate.

  • Pour the yeast solution into the bottle with hydrogen peroxide.

  • Step back and watch foam squeeze out like a tube of elephant-sized toothpaste!