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June 22, 2020
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June 22, 2020

How to effectively quit smoking with 6 natural methods

Smoking cessation is extremely difficult. In particular, in the first stage when quitting smoking, you will have to experience many unpleasant feelings. To make smoking cessation easier, you can apply some of the smoking cessation tips or ways to quit smoking that we share in the following article to quit smoking at home.

Depending on how much you depend on tobacco, there are many different methods of smoking cessation.

However, doctors still recommend that you use natural smoking cessation methods to quit smoking permanently instead of using drugs to stop smoking quickly, causing some bad side effects.

There are often many effective smoking cessation tips that are used to gradually reduce the number of cigarettes smoked every day, but this is not one of the most effective ways to quit smoking today, many people say quitting. Sudden medication is also one of the fastest ways to quit smoking, so let’s learn how to quit smoking the most effectively.

Dr. Nicola Lindson-Hawley said: “Many people choose to quit smoking the fastest by gradually decreasing the number of cigarettes smoked every day. However, almost this method of smoking cessation or rather, this simple cessation of smoking is difficult and most fail. Often, with other addictions, addicts are often advised to cut slowly but especially with cigarettes, the best way to quit smoking is to quit smoking suddenly.

However, if you choose to apply smoking cessation effectively by abstaining from medication, you must be prepared in advance and have high determination.

By the time of first applying this method, your body will be “tormented” by intense cravings and hard to resist the temptation of smoking.

Below we will introduce you to some of the most effective methods of quitting smoking at home or the most effective ways to quit smoking to help you quit smoking and make smoking easier and especially suitable for you. Those who are trying to quit smoking do not need drugs or are having questions about how to quit smoking or how to quit smoking

Smoking rates are declining

Smoking rates are declining

How to effectively quit smoking with 6 natural methods

Here’s how to effectively quit smoking with 6 natural methods:

  • Use salt for reducing the cravings
  • Honey for the detoxifying nicotine effect
  • Milk for making the cigarette taste worse
  • Red wine 
  • Fava beans for reducing the cravings of nicotine


Salt is the most natural way to quit smoking and this is also the simplest way to quit smoking.

In the early stages of quitting smoking, the “hunger for drugs” often came to a halt. To alleviate discomfort, you can taste a little salt at such times.

The salty taste of your tongue will help your cravings significantly reduce. Many people have adopted this approach and commented that this is an effective way to stop smoking at home that you should try once.


If you are trying to quit smoking for your husband, honey is the way to quit smoking that you should try.

Honey works well for effective smoking cessation is the conclusion of a number of specialized studies. It is known that honey has the effect of detoxifying nicotine in the addict’s brain.

In addition, using honey for a long time, the sweetness of it will gradually replace the bitter taste of cigarettes, making you forget about this taste.

You use honey to stop smoking simply by the formula:

  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • 1/2 kumquat or lemon
  • 5 tablespoons of cooled boiled water

You should use 5 – 10 cups a day before feeling a desire to smoke a cigarette.

Use within 10 – 15 days, your cravings for the day will gradually decrease and go away. And this is the most successful way to quit smoking that many people apply.

Smoking prevelance in England is at a record low

Smoking prevalence in England is at a record low


You are wondering how to quit, so drink what milk is your choice.

The use of a cigarette after drinking milk and milk-based drinks is the most effective cessation of smoking, which makes smoking not as pleasant as expected.

Because the ingredients in milk make the taste of tobacco become more bitter and unpleasant than usual.

Taking advantage of this, many people have used milk as a simple and effective cessation therapy, they will quit smoking by soaking tobacco in milk, drying, and using.

It is this “unpleasant” taste that will make smokers feel “afraid” of cigarettes.

In the long run, you will definitely quit smoking permanently and this is an easy way to quit smoking and also the simplest way to quit tobacco if you don’t want to stop suddenly.

Red wine

It may not sound right, but with 1 glass of red wine, a day will help you quit smoking quickly and limit the harmful effects of tobacco.

This has been proven by researchers from Southern California, USA.

Accordingly, the team found that people who drank a glass of red wine a day reduced their risk of lung cancer by 60%.

Using red wine properly is also a good way to give up smoking

Fava beans

Fava beans are the easiest way to quit smoking and are also the answer for those who are looking for quitting questions because they help reduce cravings for nicotine.

Because Fava beans are able to convert into dopamine inside the brain – substances that are excited, often found in addictive substances and stimulants.

Therefore, instead of using Bupropion – the drug used to quit smoking is relatively high cost; People often use fava beans or velvet beans (relatives of fava beans) have a similar effect much cheaper.

With the natural smoking cessation methods that we share in the article to guide smoking cessation, hopefully, your cessation will achieve many useful results.

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